The Story

A cheeky sit-down pie at an Auckland tearoom (because it’s nice to eat them with knife and fork once in a while) exposed us to a homemade sultana and chili based sauce recipe that was impossible to forget.

Old family photo

We convinced the recipe to move to Wellington and share life with us, amongst a family of other unique culinary offerings, in the house that Jeff built - Caffe L’affare. Our newest arrival was given the name Rocket Fuel for its ability to transport dishes to new and exciting areas of our customer’s palate.

Prepared in small batches, like an authentic jam, the aim was for Rocket Fuel to maintain its delicate combination of homemade flavours, with heat delivered in a carefully measured dose; just enough to know it’s there, giving your tongue a tickle, while other flavours take their time to shine.

And it is prepared exactly the same way to this day, despite it’s fanatical following that requires distribution to homes, cafes and restaurants throughout our fare land, where Kiwi foodies await their next Rocket Fuelled trip to gastronomical heights!

The story continues in 2013 with the launch of brand new Rocket Boost hot sauce. A new addition to the family, Boost offers just that, a boost to your favourite meals. A delicious capsicum and chilli base, there is not much this sauce won't taste delicious on!